Alles Klischee

Arsy is Arsen1Computerklub and sometimes CherbylSheppard. Born in Halle he grew up with Skateboards, Hip-Hop and Punk. In this years he started spinning records and experimenting with first productions. Now almost a decade passed since he moved to Berlin, finding his home in Neukölln's Rixdorf and House-Music. From 2009 on his music is released mostly on vinyl via different labels. Being a non-conformistic nightowl and autodidact, he established Grundlos Glücklich as his own imprint in 2009 to release more of his track for the interested audience as free downloads, and simply being able to develop his own and independent space of expression. This necessity that Arsy followed comes from his singular way to envisage djing and producing as an attitude and art of life which requiers first and foremost freedom to develop itself for real without being taken by the business flow. Since he released the first vinyl on his own imprint in Januar y 2014 he wa s playing rather internationally while remaining one of Berlins most undervalued DJs. With releases on labels such as Love Unlimited Vibes, Liebe*Detail or MBF Ltd. he tries to spread his unique, trippy but always catchy tunes between the many subgenres of House-Music. DJ-Sets between micro-house, deep house, techno and some other stuff that always fits while nobody knows where he found it. DJ-Sets that sound fresh even for the spoiled Berliners and simply frenetic whereever he appeared between Cape Town and Warsaw, Tel Aviv and Paris.

Aliases: Arsen1Computerklub, Arsy, Cherbyl Sheppard, DJ PRODUCER